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Separate Awards for Radio, Television, Print & Online
News Reporting Enter
Sports Enter
Education Enter
Features Enter
Small-Scale Illegal Mining (Galamsey) Enter
Maritime Enter
Awards cater for Print & Electronic
Investigative Reporting Enter
Photojournalism Enter
Arts/Entertainment Enter
Domestic Tourism Enter
Business/Finance & Economic Reporting Enter
Small and Micro Scale Enterprises (SMEs) Enter
Environment Enter
Health Enter
Development Journalism for furthering the SDGs Enter
Human Rights (with focus on Child Protection) Enter
Political Reporting Enter
Crime & Court Reporting Enter
Sanitation & Hygiene Enter
Disability Enter
ICT & Digital Journalism (including Blogging) Enter
Anti-Corruption Enter
Science Enter
Oil & Gas Enter
ADB special award for Agriculture Enter
Rural Reporting Enter
HIV & AIDS Enter
Best WASH Reporter (World Vision) Enter
World Vision Special award for Child Protection Enter
Telecommunications Enter
Transport/Road Safety Enter
Decentralisation and Local Government Enter
Nutrition Enter
Best Columnist Enter
Best Cartoonist (Print & Electronic) Enter
Best Morning Show (Radio) Enter
Best Morning Show (Television) Enter
Best Radio Station Enter
Best Television Station Enter
Best Newspaper Enter
Media Houses Only
Democracy & Peace-building Enter
Best Layout & Designed Newspaper Enter
Excellence In Innovation & Technology Enter
Best Rural Radio Station Enter
Best Radio/TV Programme – Akan Enter
Best Radio/TV Programme – Dagbani Enter
Best Radio/TV Programme – Ewe Enter
Radio/TV Programme – Ga Enter
Radio/TV Programme – Hausa Enter
Radio/TV Programme – Nzema Enter
Category Five
Industry Leadership Awards Enter
Category Six
Best Female Journalists of the year Sponsored by US Embassy Enter
Komla Dumor Most Promising Young Journalist Enter
Professor PAV Ansah Journalist of the Year Enter